Am I the only one who doesn’t really care for Miss Y?”

"Every day I regret not trying to meet m after the concert, I brought her plastic flowers and she saw me waving them from the balcony and motioned for me to throw them down but I didn’t want to get in trouble with security, I’m so dumb."

"I hate how Marina got well known partly through lame remixes on Youtube. Her songs on their own are already perfect."

I really want to see Marina try out a more gothic style of imagery with her next album era. It would be a beautiful contrast to the blonde hair of EH and the quirky cartoon colors of TFJ. Plus, she looks amazing with black lipstick.”

Someday I want to go to a costume party and dress up as Marina or Electra Heart.”

"I’m not a die-hard fan of marina but I like her and think she is underrated."

Hey diamonds, I want to take a moment to talk about something very serious. One question I get fairly frequently is whether Marina has ever had an eating disorder (more specifically, bulimia). As far as I know, Marina has not openly stated that she has ever had an eating disorder, and I am hesitant to promote any line of thought that leads to assumptions about something so personal and difficult. However, I realize many people may ask this because they might relate to that struggle or know someone who relates to that struggle, and what I do want to do is promote education about eating disorders and what you can do if you are suffering or if someone you know is suffering.

So, here is a very small list of resources I’ve compiled. If anyone who suffers from an eating disorder finds any of these articles objectionable, please message me and I will take it down and find a replacement that is better.

  1. What Are Eating Disorders?
  2. Helping Someone With An Eating Disorder
  3. The Effects of Bulimia On The Body
  4. How To Help A Friend With Eating and Body Image Issues
  5. Masterpost Of ED Recovery Blogs
  6. How To Find A Support Group
  7. A List Of Hotlines and Crisis Lines

And remember, if any of you need someone to talk to or you need more resources, you can always come to my ask on my personal blog. Everyone stay safe and wonderful, okay?

for the first time in my life I have actual relationship problems, and so much of Electra Heart suddenly makes sense.”

I am super grateful that Marina helped me become who I am today. She gave me the confidence and strength I never had. Before I used to cry about people degrading me or having my heart broken but now i’m just like ‘Oh Marina said this and that in her lyrics, so i’m not gonna waste my time on it.’”

The new theme is all done! What do we think?